The satpcsetup_e.ZIP file(for European users) and
satpcsetup_a.ZIP file (for Northamerican users) contain the setup files of the SatPC32 program package. The setup program will install the SatPC32 demo version (the only restriction of the demo vs. the full version: the user has to enter the geographical coordinates of his location at any program start).

To activate the full version you need to register the program at AMSAT-DL (European users), AMSAT-UK (users in Great Britain) or AMSAT-NA (Northamerican users). If you want to register, click on the 'Register' button in the window that will open after program start. The 'Registration' window then will be displayed. For more info click on the 'Info' button in that window. 

After registration and payment you will receive a password, which will activate the full version.

The password is valid also for possible program updates.

B. To install the SatPC32 Demo do the following, please:
1.a. Download the proper satpcsetup file. Windows will store the file in its  'Downloads' folder. Click on the 'Downloads' icon of your browser and then on the name of the downloaded ZIP file. Winzip will now show the content of the ZIP file. 

IMPORTANT: DON'T TRY TO START THE SETUP PROGRAM IN THIS WINDOW! That will not work and during the  installation process you will get the message that you need administrator rights (even if you are the administrator).

CLICK ON 'Extract' amd 'All' INSTEAD! Winzip will now create a temporary folder, extract  the file into that folder and then open the folder. Now RIGHT click on 'setup' and from the list hat opens choose the option 'Run as administrator' and follow the suggestions of the setup program..  

b. The setup program  will install SatPC32 into the 
      'C:\Program Files\SatPC32' folder.

It will generate short cuts to the SatPC32 programs in the 'Programs'  folder and put shortcuts to SatPC32 and SatPC32ISS on the desktop. 

c. If you have installed an older version of SatPC32 read the Update Instructions, please

2. You can start the programs from Windows - Start - Programs, or - better - put shortcuts to SatPC32.exe and SatPC32ISS.exe on the desktop for a quick start.

3. SatPC32 comes with the settings for a 800 * 600  screen. If you are working with a screen resolution of (i.e.)1024/768 or higher, open the 'Options' menu and select Screen, 1024/768. Store the options and restart SatPC32. 

4. How to load new Keplerian data see FAQ.htm. The file can be displayed from the SatPC32 '?' menu.

5. For further detailed information see the Readme.txt and the manual, which also can be displayed from the '?' menu.