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The screenshot shows the area of visibility of FO-29 at the time shown above. The satellite allows SSB and CW contacts with uplink on VHF and downlink on UHF. Via mouse click the user can switch between physical and political world maps.  The map used above is one of the  "Blue Marble" physical maps. NASA's Earth Observatory as the owner of these maps  kindly permits the use of their maps..

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Contents of the pages: 

1. On the page  Software you will find descriptions and screenshots of  my programs for satellite tracking and antenna-  and  radio-control and hints how to obtain the programs.

2. The page  Links contains  useful web-addresses, particularly such that refer to amateur radio over satellites.  This page,  for example,  contains  a link to the websites of  AMSAT-DL Warenvertrieb and AMSAT-NA,  where you can order my programs. 

Furthermore, this page contains  web addresses of sights in Lippe.

3. The page  Downloads  contains links of Downloads and Patches

You can download (free )   
            - a demo of the current version of SatPC32   
              (English)  with only little restrictions vs. the full version.
              After registration the demo can be switched to full version.

            -  the program DDESat32 (full version, for more info see page 'Software')

             - the program AOS (English and German version).
               AOS is a DOS program, that  creates lists of the audibility  times 
               of satellites in chronological order.

4. On the page Gallery you will find pictures of satellites and of some sights in Lippe. 

5. The page  DK1TB contains informations about me and my satellite station.


Thank you very much for visiting my site!

Please visit the site of AMSAT-DL!

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