I. If you want to test the  SatPC32 programs you can  download the present  German or English version 12.10. The program will be installed as Demo version.  The only restricition of the Demo: The user's QTH coordinates can not be stored for the main program SatPC32.Exe,  but have to be entered at every  program start. 

Further,  the previous program versions 12.9  can still be downloaded (sect. II an VII below).

What's New  in Vers. 12.10, Release September 2023?

CAT control of the IC-9700

The Scope for the IC-9700

The full versions can be activated by entering a registration code. The code can be obtained from 

European users), 
AMSAT-UK  (users in Great Britain)  or  
AMSAT-NA  (North American users).  

The files themthelves contain detailed information  on how to purchase the code..

The included programs SatPC32ISS, Wisat32, WinAOS, WinListen, SuM and SuMListen (see page 'Software') are full versions. 

II. Downloads

SatPC32 Demo  V. 12.10
,  46 MB,  released September, 2023

Version 12.10 corresponds to previous version 12.9, but supports the new Keplerian data formats CSV, KVN  and XML in addition to the TLE Kepler data files (TLE = Two Line Elements). Files in these formats can be found on the Celestrak website. The SatPC32 auxilirary file Celestrak.SQF provided with this release contains links to the Kepler files "amateur.csv", "amateur.kvn" and "amateur.xml".

Note: If you restored your old data files with DataBackup after installation, Celestrak.SQF will no longer contain these links. To restore them, add the following lines to Celestrak.SQF (without the leading and trailing quotes):


You can start and edit Celestrak.SQF with the SatPC32 menu "?" > "Auxiliary files".

Look also for possible patch files (sect. VI below)!

 III. Installation

To install SatPC32 on your PC proceed as follows:

. Create a new folder on your HD (using the Windows File Explorer or another file manager)  and name it (i.e.) SatSetup.

2. Download the appropriate program version  using the links above. 

3. Click on the 'Download' button of your  browser (usually a blue down arrow). Windows will display  the name of the downloaded ZIP file. Double click.on the file name.  WinZip  will now display  the content of the ZIP file:

What's New.txt
setup.exe .  

Important: Don't try to run the setup program in thr WinZip window!  You will get the message during installation that you need administrator rights, even if you are the administrator. 

Click on 'Extract  > On My  PC' instead. and in the window that opens navigate to the  folder you created  and extract the files.  

 4.  If this is the first installation of SatPC32 RIGHT click on *setup' and from the list that opens choose 'Run as Administrator'. Then follow the suggestions of the setup program. 

5. Updating of older  program versions
The new program version can be installed 
into the same program folder that contains the older program version.  Unfortunately, the older installation has to be removed first, however.  Otherwise, the Installshield setup program of SatPC32 V.12.8d will refuse to install the update  Your personal settings therefore will be lost. The program 'DataBackup.Exe'  allows you to easily  save your settings via mouse click and then to restore them after the installation of V.12.8d is finished.  The program 'DataBackup.Exe' can be started from menu 'Programs' of your previous version or in the SatSetup folder (see above).. 

 After V. 12.8d has been installed run DataBackup again either  from the  new SatPC32 menu 'Programs'.or in the SatSetup folder and restore your settings.

6. The file  
Installation & Setup of SatPC32 & SatPC32ISS
by Bruce MacAlister, W4BRU, is a summary of the English manual. It contains screenshots and hints about how to easily configure and use the program. It is particularly helpful for users who prefer visual information.  

For further  information read these files::
Read  this before installing one of the files, please 

Update Instructions

If you run Windows Vista or Windows 7, 8 or 10  (32- and 64-bit) read the file Vista and Windows 7 compatibility .

If your radio is tue ICOM IC-9700 please read the Installation Guide
by Stefan Wagner, VE4SW, for more detailed instructions!

IV. More Downloads:

Manual  (German, V. 12.8d 250 K, HTML-Format)

Manual  (English, V. 12.8d,  300 K, HTML-Format) 

 3 .FAQs

With possible
questions or problems  read the FAQs file, please.  The file contains answers to frequently asked  questions - for example on how to update Keplerian data - and solutions for known problems.  

The file that can be downloaded with this link will continuously be completed and therefore possibly be newer than the file  that comes with SatPC32. 

4.  -

5. -

6. DDESat32 Vers. 12.8 (full version). 
DDESat32 is an interface program to be used with Wisp32. The program is in German  but easy to understand  by  everyone (see the description and screenshots on the page 'Software'). 

To install the program unzip the downloaded file into an empty folder on your HD. Start the setup program in that folder and follow the instructions.

For detailed information read the
DDESat32  Manual (English).

Download DDESat32   for use with SatPC32 V. 12.8 and later.

If you are using SatPC32 12.4 ... 12.7  download the older version  DDESat32_12.4.

AOS.Exe  (DOS-version): No longer available. 

8. SuM programs
The SatPC32 V. 12.8d setup program installs  these programs automatically.   

9. ServerSDX update: Now installed by the setup program

10. TimeSync
Beginning with program version 12.8b the setup program installs TimeSync automatically. It can be started from the SatPC32 menu "Programs". 

Satellite operation requires a highly accurate system time.  TimeSync synchronizes the PC's system clock  with one of the internet time servers. This way you can ensure  that the PC's  system time is accurate.  

If you run an older SatPC32 progam version you can download TimeSync with the link below. Extract the TimeSync setup program from the downloaded ZIP file and save it somewhere on your HD. Start it by double clicking on the file name "TimeSyncSetup.Exe"  and follow the instructions. 
IMPORTANT: Under Windows Vista and Windows 7 the setup program must be started with the option "Run as Administrator". To do so right click on the program name and in the list that opens choose that option. 

The setup program generates an icon (shortcut) on the desktop. To start TimeSync double click on the icon. For further instructions  click on the "Help" button in the TimeSync program window. . 

Download TimeSyncSetupE.ZIP  

11. Buffer interfaces
Buffer interface for Labjack U12

Buffer interface for Labjack U3

For rotor control with the Labjack U12 and U3 an interface is required that buffers the output terminals of the U12 and U3  vs. the rotor control box. Unfortunately the readymade 'Piggyback' from NLSA is no longer available.  With the 2 links above you can download the schematic diagrams of this homemade interface which also show how to connect it to the U12 and U3.  The interface can easily be duplicated, the only component is  a ULN2003AN. I don't have a PC board, however.  I mounted the chip and the 8-pin DIN connector on a small piece of conductor board, see picture

Buffer interface for antenna switch
If you want to use the FUNCube Dongle Pro + (or another SDR) as satellite receiver for  U/V satellites (AO-07, AO-85)  and V/U satellites (FO-29, SO-50) as well you need to switch the VHF/UHF antennas. That can be done via a Coaxial Transfer Switch. The voltage at the DTR pin of the Radio 2 COM port can (optionally, see menu "Options") be used to control this switch. The  voltage of the DTR pin of the Radio 2 COM port then changes when the user switches between U/V and V/U satellites (U/V: low, V/U: high).  
The solution requires a buffer interface between the COM port and the antenna switch relais, of course. 

Schematic of a 1-transistor interface:
Interface for antenna switch

V. Accy      
How to add data for  new satellites
The data files that come with SatPC32 contain data for many important radio amateur satellites. Data for other satellites must be added manually to the existing data files. For detailed hints see the "Tutorial" by Wayne Estes, W9AE. It can be displayed from the FAQs file, sect. 1a. 

With the link below you can download data of the lately launched 
SO-67 and HO-68. The data can be added to the existing data files Doppler.SQF, SubTone.SQF and AmsatNames.txt.

SatPC32 data for SO-67 and HO-68

With the following link you can download data of the new Chinese XW-2 satellites. The data can easily be added to the files Doppler.SQF and AmsatNames.txt

SatPC32 data  for the Chinese XW-2 satellites

VI. Patches 
No patch files required

SatPC32 Demo  V. 12.9 (previous English version), 44MB,  released May,  2021, includes spectrum scope for the IC-9700, supports rotor controller RT-21.

Unzip the downloaded file into an empty folder on your HD. The folder will then contain the setup program and  the instruction files.  Please, read these files before you run the setup file.


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